South Florida Emerald Society sponsors of the Coral Gables St. Patrick's Day Festival
the South Florida Emerald Society, Inc. •
PO Box 836225 • Miami, FL 33283-6225 • 305-949-8400
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The South Florida Emerald Society, Inc.


The Emerald Society was organized for benevolent purposes:

  • to foster and enjoy social gatherings of its members
  • to encourage among its members closer personal acquaintances, and a friendly spirit of mutual cooperation
  • to further promote the prosperity of the members and to improve in any and all lawful and honorable means their status and conditions
  • to perpetuate the glories of Ireland
  • to assist in any other matters pertaining to the welfare and advancement of the members for the attainment and improvement of those of Irish extraction


You can join the South Florida Emerald Society by filling out the on-line application and submitting it along with your payment. You must be sponsored by a current member in good standing. 

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Social Meetings are held each month The date, time and location vary.


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Upcoming Social Events

Wednesday, April 29th

Wednesday May 27th
Hurricane Bar

Wednesday, June 24th
Irish Times

The South Florida Emerald Society, Inc.
PO Box 836225 -- Miami, FL 33283-6225
Telephone: 305-949-8400
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